What can I do with this website?

You can request virtual resources to run your own instances on the cloud and /or test using OpenStack and/or do demos. You can have access to these instances for as long as you pay for it. The rate is $1 a day, one of the cheapest on the Internet. Check the resources available in the Booking page.

How should I use this site?

For testing/demo purposes only. Instances can last however long you booked them for. For obvious reasons, try NOT putting any production/development data on this cloud you don’t want to lose. Please also be mindful of the available resources. Extra resource requirements may not be met.

How long will my instances last? or What if I need Support?

It should last as long as you booked them for. In case of site unavailability, refunds will be available. Please refer to the Bookings page to get the currently available resources. Please refer to your favorite operating system’s guides to determine how much resources you need. If you need more support or have questions, get in touch using the Contact Us page.

Is there an SLA?


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